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Salt Is Your Friend has moved!! I’ve secured a new domain and transferred all old posts to Consequently, there won’t be any new posts here because all new lessons will take place at Kitchen No. 4.

If you’re curious about the move and what’s been happening lately, I wrote all about here.

I hope to see you there!

Upcoming Cooking Class


Things are starting to get back to normal in Oklahoma… I believe we have one more day of severe weather / flash flooding in the forecast so the long hot, summer is just around the corner. Besides baseball and lakes, my favorite part of summer is making pies and cobblers with local fresh fruit. They’re […]

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Grilling, Part 2: The Basic Principles of Cooking

Grill Prep

  In part 1 of the Basic Principles of Grilling, I covered all the technical aspects. Now let’s put that information to use and grill a couple nice, juicy steaks. Before we start grilling, let’s talk about salt. When and how you salt can make or break a delicious steak. There are many opinions as to […]

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What You Should Know About Tornadoes & Oklahoma


There’s a lot of tornado talk happening around the world right now. You can watch all the footage and see the devastation but there’s more to a tornado (and living with them) than you might realize. I thought I might give you an Oklahoman’s tornado perspective. Oklahoma knows tornadoes. We have a sort of forced […]

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Grilling: The Basic Principles of Cooking

Grilling - Basic Principles of Cooking

I don’t know about you but we’ve had a pretty strange Spring in Oklahoma. This month has felt more like January than May but it looks like the cold weather is finally moving out and making room for warmth and sunshine. With warm weather comes grilling season so there’s no better time than now to […]

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Deep Frying: The Basic Principles of Cooking

Deep Frying - Basic Principles of Cooking

There’s no denying America’s love of deep fried foods. It’s not the most elegant way to cook food, and certainly not the healthiest, but it’s a necessary tool. And let’s be honest…. fried foods are delicious. While we’ve become experts at eating them, some of us are a little challenged when it comes to deep […]

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Pan Frying Chicken & Okra: The Basic Principles of Cooking

Pan Frying - Basic Principles of Cooking

Pan frying (also called shallow frying) is closely related to two other cooking techniques, sautéing and deep frying (which we’ll cover next). There are specific differences that set pan-frying apart so we’ll look specifically at two different pan frying methods in this lesson. By standard definition, pan-frying means to cook food in a small amount […]

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Welcome Home, You’ve Been Hacked

Texas Trip

I took a sort of mini vacay last weekend. A friend of mine was scheduled to emcee a conference in Ft. Worth and she scheduled me to join her; more for personal entertainment than moral support, I think. Upon telling her co-workers her weekend plans, one mentioned she would be a mere five(ish) hours from […]

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How to Sear: The Basic Principles of Cooking

Searing Steak - In Pan

Yesterday was all about sautéing and today we’re moving on to a cooking technique that is closely related: searing. Many people confuse the two but there are distinct differences. Among other things, yesterday’s post talked about the two main goals of sautéing: to brown and to create fond. The difference with searing is that it has one main goal: […]

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How to Sauté: The Basic Principles of Cooking

Sautéing - Basic Principles of Cooking

Like most of the techniques I’ll cover in this series, sautéing is one that many people use on a regular basis. However, of all the cooking techniques this one is probably the most commonly abused. Some people think cooking anything in sauté pan is sautéing but that’s far from accurate. Sautéing is a great technique […]

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